What To Ask Your Real Estate Property Broker?


Whether you are looking to buy a plot of land for a house or looking commercial properties in Gurgaon, it is always wise to choose your real estate agent with the utmost prudence. Anyone who has dealt with real estate purchases knows what a difficult and demanding process it is. The alternative to dealing with the hassles and easing up your pressure is to hire a real estate agent who will look for properties, help you set up a deal and will guide you through the entire process of acquisition.

The question still remains though how do you select the right agent for the job? How do I know if the broker I select is the right one or not? We have prepared a list of questions for you that you should ask your real estate agent before you decide to work with him on your property hunting.

  1. Who Were The Previous Clients: Testimonials still speak for themselves. It is important that you ask your agent if he or she has represented clients like you before. If you are looking to invest in commercial projects in Gurgaon, you must ensure that your real estate agent knows how to handle the sale of such properties. You could take a look at the projects that he or she has handled previously before making the decision to work with him or her.
  2. Which Are The Areas Which He Represents: You must ask your agent about the properties in which areas does he or she represent.  When you are looking to purchase commercial properties in Gurgaon, if your agent does not represent the area, they should be well aware of the market and how to negotiate deals with the local authorities or local sellers.
  3. What Kind Of Communication Would You Two Have: It is very important that you and your agent have good communication between you the two of you. Your agent must regularly update you with news and information about prices and the properties that you are interested in. Hot properties like commercial projects in Gurgaon can get deals in a matter of time when they come on the market or their prices may rise or fall. Your agent must be well aware and updated of these developments and must communicate it with you immediately.
  4. What Are The Things That I Must Do And Avoid: Your real estate agent should be your counselor in matters of investments related to property sales or purchases. He or she should be well aware of the legal formalities required for the property that you are looking at. Your agent should also be well versed in the legal potholes that you should avoid when making investments and what are the necessary precautions that you should take during the process.


A good real estate agent can help you land a great deal on property purchases and increase your chances of returns on your investment. The success of your property acquisition should be the utmost priority of a good real estate agent and these questions are a great help in finding one.